Our Ministries

Praise and Worship

This ministry can be defined in one word "WORSHIP". The definition means to recognize, to give someone their worth or value. This is our Praise Team's heart's desire; to "WORSHIP" the one and only true God! For He is Worthy to receive Glory and Honor and Power forever, amen! We are blessed to have extremely talented people on our Praise Team. As the Anointing comes we are able to move into His Presence to truly worship Him. We are so thankful not only to sing His praises, but to lead the congregation into His Presence!

Youth Ministry

A group of crazy, passionate youth leaders and workers ready to mentor teenagers in the best times of their lives, and partner with their parents in raising up radical teens for Christ. (meets every other Saturday 5:00p.m.)

Children's Ministry

Sunday School every week, 10:00a.m. including all children from toddler to upper elementary. Every Sunday we start with a Children’s Church (full service) and later branch into classes and snacks. We believe our children are created in God’s image to someday become leaders and movers for His Kingdom. We want to nurture them now so they will know the God who loves them and love Him in return.


To serve you... there's a place for you to belong and to grow: Mary, Martha & Lazarus, Melting Pot, Soul Lifters Main, SL Family of Believers, SL Friends of the Rock, History Makers, Heroes, Truth Seekers, Brother's Keeper, People of Destiny, Transformers for Christ, Teacher for Christ TFC1, Teacher for Christ TFC2, Covenant Keepers, Lovers of the Lord....

Media Knights

Media ministry is a very important aspect of worship. The media ministry team uses a combination of sound, video, and computer technologies to present a message of Christ. A media team is in every service and even during practices. The sound for the praise team is consistent and rich sounding. Computers display song lyrics and sermon notes to the congregation in real time. Live video is also used during sermons to enrich and enhance the message to the people. Computerized overhead projection is used throughout the Children's and Youth Ministries, as well.

Food Bank

Supplying food for those in need....

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